Cases of Study (R&D)



Rural and remote areas in Latin America have very poor infrastructure and support in areas of education and health, no schools, no Hospitals no professional help are usually found in those areas.


We believe that Distance Communication Tools, such as videoconferencing could help a lot solving this problem in our Latin American Region. Here we have very poor infrastructure in rural areas and in some cases a lack of it. Virtual bridges could help much to take Education and Heath, among other benefits.


Being assisted by an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit / Telepresence Server) you could configure the meetings to adapt to those geographical areas pool resources, which are normally found in those areas and deploy Telemedicine and E-Learning Projects. We usually deploy these projects using computers, since they consume less internet bandwidth than videoconference equipment, and are a lot cheaper and easier to use.


These projects also have to adapt to your target´s needs, cultural and educational level too. Focus groups could help much getting this information